Late Works is a nomadic series of live intermedia events and a monthly radio show on Resonance Extra.

Collaboration is integral to the way that Late Works runs, so if you would like to talk about Late Works in any capacity, please email

Late Works was founded in September 2018 by Joseph Bradley Hill.

Events on their way: SLIP, Sitters, 4, at first sight No.2 & Preparations ...


Present and past collaborators:

Mathias Karl Gontard (ONE, TWO, Paperweight, 3, LOOP, SLIP)

Leo Douglas-Morris Benavides (ONE, Paperweight, 3, LOOP, By Ear)

Will Nicholls (ONE, TWO, Paperweight, 3, LOOP)

Billy Leach / Corpse Boy (ONE, TWO, 3, of Noise) (Impromptu)

Alice Bloomfield (Paperweight, 3, LOOP, By Ear)

Nathalie Hollis (Paperweight II, By Ear, SLIP) (Second Skin)

Hannah Machover (at first sight, Paperweight II, By Ear)

Maya Levy (Paperweight, Paperweight II, By Ear)

Oliver Pearce (Paperweight, at first sight, By Ear)

Jake Vine (Paperweight, LOOP, By Ear)

Fergus Polglase (Paperweight, 3, By Ear)

Jack Shearing (TWO, Paperweight, By Ear)

Marco Pini / GG Skips (Paperweight, LOOP, of Noise) (Slow Dance)

Tara Cunningham (ONE, TWO, 3) (Impromptu)

Jesse Doniach (ONE, TWO, 3) (Impromptu)

Joe Maclaren (ONE, TWO, 3) (Impromptu)

Ethan Reeves (ONE, TWO, Paperweight)

Louise Astbury (of Noise, at first sight No. 2)

Kiran Leonard (of Noise, By Ear)

Angus McCrum (of Noise, By Ear)

Jonas Pequeno (Paperweight II, of Noise)

Martha Skye Murphy (at first sight, of Noise)

Cajm (LOOP, of Noise) (Powerplant)

Mathilda Bennett-Greene (Paperweight, of Noise) (BLOAT)

Sam Terry (Paperweight II, By Ear)

Hannah Tilson (Paperweight II, By Ear)

Joey Yu (Paperweight II, By Ear)

Finn Carter (LOOP, By Ear) (Endless Digital Birthdays)

Emma Barnaby (at first sight, By Ear) (Fen Trio)

Francis Devine (at first sight, By Ear) (Fen Trio)

Evie Hilyer-Ziegler (at first sight, By Ear) (Fen Trio)

Marta Zenka (at first sight, By Ear) (Spun Press)

Thomas Dervan (at first sight, Paperweight II)

Lara Laeverenz (3, Paperweight II) (BLOAT)

Isobel Whalley-Payne (Paperweight, Paperweight II)

Luis Jacobs (Paperweight, LOOP)

Jade Delmage (TWO, Paperweight)

Daniel Kerrison Stock (ONE, By Ear)

Jordan Hadfield (ONE, 3) (Impromptu)

Kevin Boniface (at first sight No. 2)

Biba Cole (at first sight No. 2)

Lucy Rose Cunningham (at first sight No. 2)

Gareth Barker (SLIP)

Kaivalya Brewerton (SLIP)

Rosie Broadhead (SLIP)

Amelia Brokenbrow (SLIP)

Duncan Hooson (SLIP)

Celeste McEvoy (SLIP) (BLOAT)

Jessica Parnell (SLIP)

Ellie Redfern (SLIP)

Josh Banham / j. b. glazer (of Noise)

Taylor Devenny / Devenny 404 (of Noise) (404 Guild)

Toby Evans-Jesra / Richard Limper (of Noise) (leather.head)

Joscelin Dent-Pooley / Jerskin Fendrix (of Noise)

Geordie Greep / MC Spritz (of Noise) (black midi)

Elena Isolini (of Noise)

Hunter Jenkins / Eliot 404 (of Noise) (404 Guild)

Rosy Jones / Rosy Bones (of Noise) (Goat Girl)

Josef Kurtz (of Noise)

Cameron Molloy (of Noise)

Brendan Murphy / Bathwater 404 (of Noise) (404 Guild)

Charlie Ockmore / Sonny 404 (of Noise) (404 Guild)

Lottie Pendlebury / Clottie Cream (of Noise) (Goat Girl)

Cameron Picton / DJ Dairy (of Noise) (black midi)

Enzo Samuel (of Noise) (Silkarmour)

Jacob Samuel (of Noise)

Harald Smart (of Noise)

Bianca Scout (of Noise)

Felix Stock / Felix Raman (of Noise)

Max Syed-Tollen / Horse Whisperer (of Noise)

Aga Ujma (of Noise)

Alan (By Ear) (Submit to Love)

Avy (By Ear) (Submit to Love)

Verity Birt (By Ear)

Brian (By Ear) (Submit to Love)

Ed Burkes (By Ear)

Izy Carr (By Ear)

Laurie Cole (By Ear)

Jordan Cook (By Ear)

Plum Cloutman (By Ear)

David (By Ear) (Submit to Love)

Dolores (By Ear) (Submit to Love)

Isobel Doncaster (By Ear)

Emily (By Ear) (Submit to Love)

Alexander Fox-Robinson (By Ear)

Abbie Freeman (By Ear)

Hugh Frost (By Ear)

Holly Froy (By Ear)

Amelia Galliford (By Ear)

Nettle Grellier (By Ear)

Georgia Grinter (By Ear)

Rosalind Howdle (By Ear)

Seungwon Jung (By Ear)

Keith (By Ear) (Submit to Love)

Jack Lavender (By Ear)

Hannah Lees (By Ear)

Danny Leyland (By Ear)

Daisy Link (By Ear)

Ranald Macdonald (By Ear)

Alexander MacKinnon (By Ear)

Ted Mair (By Ear)

Igor Moritz (By Ear)

Sophie Moss (By Ear) (Girl Ray)

Keziah Mornin (By Ear)

Isobel Neviazsky (By Ear) (Sunboy Toys)

Pike Ogilvy (By Ear) (Still Moving)

James Owens (By Ear)

Gvidas Pakarklis (By Ear)

Antonio Parker-Rees (By Ear)

Francisco G Pinzón Samper (By Ear)

Seth Randall-Goddard (By Ear)

Cecilia Reeve (By Ear)

Jo Ruessman (By Ear)

Gal Schindler (By Ear)

Tom Sewell (By Ear)

Pete Sharp (By Ear)

Molly Anne Stocks (By Ear)

Ella Squirrell (By Ear)

Fred Thomson (By Ear)

India Vingoe (By Ear)

Otto Willberg (By Ear)

Rosalind Wilson (By Ear)

Kobby Adi (Paperweight II)

Isaac Bonan (Paperweight II)

Lucy Bruce-Gardner (Paperweight II)

Alice Cocks (Paperweight II)

Eduarda Craveiro (Paperweight II)

Archie Fooks (Paperweight II)

Pascale de Graaf (Paperweight II)

Dylan Hall (Paperweight II)

Florence Main (Paperweight II) (BLOAT)

Jos Nyreen (Paperweight II)

Harry Roberts (Paperweight II)

Shawn Sawyers (By Ear)

Chica Seal (By Ear)

Taylor Silk (Paperweight II)

Orfeo Tagiuri (Paperweight II)

Tif Wellington (Paperweight II)

Evelyn Whorrall-Campbell (Paperweight II)

Peter Carrick (at first sight)

Lewie Magarshack (at first sight) (Spun Press)

Jeremy Stokes (at first sight)

Felix Bayley-Higgins (LOOP)

Tyra Enchill (LOOP)

Kit Mosely (LOOP)

Natalie Moutrey (LOOP)

Liam Noonan (LOOP) (Guildhall Military Orchestra)

Cy Worthington (LOOP)

Wyka (LOOP)

Evan Abell (3) (Impromptu)

Lluis Domènech Plana (3) (Impromptu)

Joe Bloom (Paperweight)

Yasmin Gapper (Paperweight)

Noah Mallassi (Paperweight)

Simona Orentaite (Paperweight)

Ellen Poppy Hill (Paperweight)

Millie Rose Dobree (Paperweight)

Inez Valentine (Paperweight)

Dougal Verinder Gedge (Paperweight)

Evie Ward (Paperweight)

Wilf Diamond (TWO) (Impromptu)

Kristjan Kannukene (TWO) (Impromptu)

Antek Rutczyński (TWO)

Joe Taylor (TWO) (Impromptu)

Alex Dmochowski (ONE) (Impromptu)

With thanks to Billy Leach (Impromptu), Chris Greenwood (Louie Louie), Kerry Bradley, Sophie Hawkins (S. HAWKINS), Hoxton Store, Marco Pini, Darius Williams, Maddy O'Keefe & Dan Ross (Slow Dance), Alex Vardaxoglou (Vardaxoglou), Emanuel von Baeyer, Duncan Hooson, Milo Thesiger-Meacham (Resonance Extra), Bryn Davies & Michelle Carlile (Submit to Love), Vanessa Murrell & Martin Mayorga (DATEAGLE ART) & Hannah Machover.


Selected Press:

DATEAGLE ART ('idea and love of "the record"' essay)

Creative Boom (interview with Joe)

Dig That Treasure (interview on Resonance FM)

also in FAD Magazine, Loud & Quiet & Electronic Sound.


Accolades / Awards:

Recordstore Compilation of the Year 2020 (Late Works: of Noise)



"From Scratch" - Submit to Love